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about me

"photography is my world, my words, my woosah." 

i shoot: digital and film

i think: people should still print their photos 

i love: love. hanging out with family. friends. photography. researching my family's history. God.

i cheer for: dallas cowboys. dallas mavericks 

i listen to: smooth jazz. r&b. soul. 70s. 80s. old school. mj. whitney. albums on vinyl.

i write: in a journal 

i'm a lifetime member of girl scouts and clickin moms

i enjoy: a hot cup of coffee. sushi. popcorn. traveling. a good book. learning. recipes. quotes

favorite color: blue

my personal project:  My Sisters & Me Women of Color Photographers®  you can find MS&M on instagram

i wish: you enough

thank you visiting black butterflies photography


"photography is one of the most powerful medium for documenting places, people and other points of interest."

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